Piper Hope




Hello, I am Piper Hope and I am your theatre central president! I am beyond excited to serve you all as the president of this marvelous club and can’t wait to see what Theatre Central becomes in this more normal school year! (well not really, mask up people) Outside of TC I like to terrorize the city of Naperville with my friends on a Friday night (honorable mentions go to my Vice President and Secretary, Sandy and Kaitlyn), take naps on my basement couch, crochet, recently I have started watching Glee for the first time, read, work at Michaels craftstore which I love, and listening to Phoebe Bridgers and the occasional podcast. If you happen to share any of these interests, be my friend! And if you’re looking for a job work at Michaels with me we are understaffed. Being a part of Theatre Central though is usually the highlight of my week, and I highly encourage you to make that yours as well! There are so many opportunities to get involved with TC this year, I personally love to act in shows, my best advice for which is to audition for whatever you can, but there is so much more beyond acting such as producing, directing, costuming and tech of course. And there’s also our social events, which will be making a comeback after a pandemic induced hiatus. During school if you happen to see me in the halls make sure to say hi! After all Theatre Central is truly like one big family so feel free to contact my fellow board members and I for any advice or with any questions you have about TC or school in general. I look forward to getting to know all of you!!! This year will be epic boss moment, don't you worry :)​